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Dear Members

We need your help, continued support, and co-operation in order to ensure the long-term sustainability of our Club.

The Club like so many businesses, Sports Clubs and Community Centres are beginning to understand the financial implications of the past two years- Covid and the war in Ukraine- as indeed are all households.

Although the Club’s energy costs are “capped” until the end of the year, all costs are going up at an alarming rate as you all know from your own household costs. The Club’s energy costs will rise dramatically in the new year.

The Executive Committee are seeking ways to minimize the impact on your club and would ask for your help and co-operation - for example turning off lights when not in use ; not using a rink on 4-6 when there is one free on 1-3 (or vice versa).

Your help in supporting the club in an endeavour to increase membership- we do have excellently organised and run open days- for which volunteer leaflet droppers are really wonderful - concentrating on specific areas of the locality. And we will be holding our next one on September 17th.

Also enquire about “Taster Vouchers” to bring a neighbour or friend for a “taste of our wonderful sport.

I would like to thank everybody for their support and understanding to keep our great club alive for the foreseeable future.

Barry Hubbard (Chairman) July 2022